Competition Spray Tanning


Muscle Tans innovative formula means you do not have to endure heavy layering of DHA to obtain the perfect competition colour.

  Day 1

Shower, exfoliate and pat skin dry ensuring you have NO product on your skin. It is also recommended that you shampoo and condition your hair at this time.
Upon arrival at your tanning technician barrier cream is placed on any extra dry areas such as heels, feet, knees, elbows to ensure the tan does not ‘grab’ (If you have been exfoliating well beforehand this may not be necessary)

Base Tan

The technician will now apply two even coats of a Dark chocolate solution to give you excellent depth of colour, drying well between coats.

 Day Two

Muscle Tan can now be applied to achieve desired depth of colour. Simply ensure you dry well between coats. The number of coats is dependent on how dark you need to go for each category.

Finishing Coat

After your tan has been completed and is touch dry stand back and lightly spritz Black Magic Tan Lock and dry well.  Tan Lock will lock in the colour, minimise or eradicate smudging that may occur overnight and repel moisture. Tan Lock also leaves a slight sheen on the body.
Muscle Tan is now left on until the competition is over.



Price List

$140 – Bikini/Fitness Over 2 sessions.  

Base Coat & Top Coat. Includes finishing spray

$170 – Bodybuilder/Physique Over 2 sessions.

Base Coat & Top Coat. Includes finishing spray

$200 – Bodybuilder/Physique Over 3 sessions.

Base Coat & Top Coat. Includes finishing spray

  • We recommend pre tanning for 2 days prior to your competition to ensure we have a dark, even base to work with on the day. We have allocated same day tanning options for those who are travelling or busy and can’t pre tan so every competitor is catered for.

  • Your competition prep really starts a week out from Comp day. All hair removal must be done before you start your tanning process.

    I believe that waxing or sugaring is the best method for hair removal. You should start this process 7 days before the first tan coat.

  • After all hair is removed, make sure to use a good moisturiser. Now that your body is free of hair and has had a couple of days to settle down and recover, the tanning process begins.

  • Now for the spray tans, starting three days prior to comp, for example Friday and Saturday (being the night before comp). The tan is also designed to be sprayed the day of comp and remain on your skin without washing. In this case you could tan only once before comp. Please note if you are in Physique or Body Building two prior tans is still recommended. 

  • Only shower with water, no soap, between each visit. This will even out the tan and also get rid of any overspray. Showering should be done around 10+ hours after application so its recommended to get the tan later at night so you can sleep and wash off in the morning.

  • Spray tan: Please stay clear of other spray tans at least a week prior to your appointment with us, as this can lead to giving you a bad and blotchy colour.

  • Shower: Please shower the night before you spray tan as this will keep your pores closed and avoid brown dots

  • Creams & Deodorants: do not use any creams or deodorants as this will green marks under the arms

  • Perfume: do not use any perfumes as this will leave green marks on the body

  • Make up: Please arrive fresh faced with no makeup and clean skin

  • Wax and shave: Please wax 1 week prior to avoid rashes. Please shave the day before tan.

  • Dry skin: moisturise up to 2 days prior to your booking to get a nice healthy glow. 

  • Exfoliate: the Skin For best results. It is vital in getting rid of dead skin and previous spray tan marks. Gloves & loofahs are best to use without oil bases/ creams to use prior to your spray tan. We highly recommend exfoliation 7 days consecutive prior to your tan spray tan application to maximise results, especially if you do not exfoliate regularly. DO NOT exfoliate 24hrs before tan.

  • Clothing: Please wear loose dark clothing and slip on shoes. Avoid wearing tight clothing, socks and boots may as they may rub the tan away before it has had time to develop.